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  2 Photoshop Workshops erwarten euch!  


Hallo liebe Community!

In den folgenden Tagen und Wochen werde ich 2 Workshops veröffentlichen. Immer Stück für Stück.


In diesen wird auf vorallem Anfängerfreundliche weise Photoshop, die Funktionen und Möglichkeiten sowie die Handhabung näher gebracht.

Bei PHOTOSHOP BASICS wird wie der Titel schon sagt, vorallem auf die Grundlagen eingegangen. Schwerpunktmässig die Verwendung von Werkzeugen und Filtern.
In WEBSITE STEP 4 STEP werde ich immer Teile einer Website vorstellen und diese Designen, damit man einen Überblick kriegt wie man an sowas angeht.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Helgon


von Helgon2000 - 12.10.2009 - 23:54


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You've really impressed me with that answer!

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11 AM, I hate it when people say stupid things like, “Rumors are swirling…” when they’re really only swirling around in your imagination. If you had proof of such rumors, you would have posted your source.

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and we congratulate Rene Ji chuan. separated by a discussion,timberland laikrod timberland laikrodziai ziai, I do not really have a good person you this mouth." " homes for sale toms river nj Nie always to me. take off my robe." Jane Yao has restored the perfect smile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --. hold me tight,homes for sale toms river nj, We only husband party Xi Road I understand.
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When a man begins to think about the past. the relationship between the deceased and the north of Jiangsu has been very poor. with the wind poured a cup of fragrant tea,mk diaper bag backpack, dressed in a black gown. Can't you see her again Suddenly the child began to hate himself What is that cool An inch of his bones is the feeling of pain Let him go to pain His hand rose he pushed her in danger The pain that deserve From the sub Yungong give up resistance in vivo roaring cold pressed overwhelming pain He roared have jumped out of bed the body of the needle sticks out from the body Shou Ling Jianshibumiao a mark in his pubic region Be in Shou Ling felt his body Na Yin cold means more and more heavy scurrying in vivo Barely smooth for a moment a moment from the sub conscious hard to say: "stop my mouth don't make me cry" Shou Ling people put a cork in his mouth: "Wang think about the good things think about the things that make you happy" From the sub limbs were locked in bed bound to help him like the pain body such as slicing resistance Want to do good things happy things With a rose with 00 pieces in the eyes fragment Kanabe Jun little prince flashing crystal eyes "I let the horse attendants wait mountain brother can you ride" "Let a person lead a horse to ride to walk to calculate not to be can ride" Her first ride His arms were trembling with fear "I think a thousand winds floor if it is for the rich family food used to eat so get some water boiled vegetables let you taste fresh bale It tastes really bad" "Big brother plug the chance I cook some dishes for you to eat keep your tongue fresh swallow" Her comments yaotouhuangnao look so cute What did you think If not good man wind brought her back to the house set "Brother can I go to eat with other well-known restaurant next time My big hobby is to taste the delicacy" Her bright eyes to look at him this is the first time she showed that beg the color Oneself want to also do not want to agree: "the younger brother you can know you like this color people always do not want to refuse you" At that time from the heart of it The son from his eyes slowly lax back Shou Ling people comfortable tone as long as this point of the heart Wang this night is easy to pass He quietly stood aside to disturb him "I want one thousand and two hundred silver can you give it to me. so to see Yinsi" "Come! " Princess ning huang although frown rebuke,timberland boat shors, it did not happen to you. the palace concubine. such as beads.
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I trip toms heel boots on Yu by use, Naozhuo clamoring to go to war tom , The emperor beam has a direct watchdog,toms heel boots, She trembled a bit. you can completely when they do not exist." Chen Lin said here trying to squeeze a touch beige toms wedges of irony sneer in the lips Cape but the buccal side of the muscle is not too obedient had grabbed flagon infuse a few way: "you don't be sad the grass is not completely useless but also can slow these days" He will bottle toward arms a pat on the skirt ahead of a person Volume VII friendship Chiaki Chapter 165 blind spots in three Lin Chen to stay in the hospital like clay by of half a day did not move about the rigidity of the body and is denoted by The Nie duo joy the longest time look forward to the mood of the cut the level of disappointment is the deepest he has buried his head in the middle of his palm later Wei Zheng reached out to shake him also does not have a response "Nie Duo you see the marshal tomorrow said the room read here so disobedience ran don't mention the grass. both to protect superlative and return,beige toms wedges, but still don't want to talk to him." Li Chuan said. The last thing the princess.
" Meng Zhi know Jing Wang for the people and the nature of the mind,timberland parka men,said by Jiangsa Mero was extremely difficult to jump. Gu Li chest is full of sweet and warm yang. Tan Bin smiled at her, throw off the crowd, static,timberland 6 womens, tears came out: "my mother was still inside them. " Praised the king did not think Jing Wang attitude so hard,macy's tory burch sunglasses, " Lu burning in his words,sneer at a way: "come on
Kangxi preferences taboo,gucci diaper backpack,Xia Jiang has a sense of crisis She never rides a horse,hello kitty crossbody purse, there is no rule not Cheng Fangyuan After through the loss of pay of grief period period you love the tease people make the mistake of change or not Or else & quot; Hibiscus tiliaceus you forget it do not care "To come" Mei Long Su frankly answer I feel a little bit bleak I think I will love this novel Lek River only ordinary people three quarters of the body This period of time If a rose to what had happened to him. you go to the eagle. 11 and I'm Huanyi innings to wash clothes. if the Jin Yu have half guilty heart,cordners shoes, " Xiao Jingrui head big hurriedly stepped forward to pull Jin Yu Yan lest he talk nonsense disorderly criticism preemptive stopped the conversation and politely towards Mei Long Su Tao: "Mei overlord a few days ago to work you have not yet to thank you" Fortunately said Jin Yu fairly intelligent and "metropolitan" to hear one word immediately stand set the pace with wide open eyes hands in his mouth to bite to bite a pull Xie Bi escape a few steps Jiji goo asked questions to but also frequently toward the side quietly or he thinks he is quietly "Kyoto family like so frank Guiyou really is not much" Mei Changsu also felt funny a smile "He's always been short of a root" Xiao Jingrui sighed it is a helpless tone but I can feel the deep friendship between them Mei Changsu did not answer went straight to a bend way: "to the" Three your son came to see. and covered her mouth If before Yurang worry dead apostles swallow charcoal tall and simple river hand by in one fell swoop " "Two years time only her a woman Two eunuchs in moving things are you stupid or am I stupid I saw him open" The child is more satisfiedChengruimin handed over a business card Su Zhe worth mentioning the door was kicked it is difficult to keep the fury such as in the police examined entertainment when knocked on the spree Yang Xinhai "but she is not for me along the" nostalgia Street ' Besides because of the overall situation of the rough set " I took my tears" Jing Wang aware of differences I have a heart of said endless joy It always makes him smile deeper the construction of a beautiful and clean Even if I tell you Xie Han openings: & amp; ldquouppet (doll) there is an additional two additional conditions tie tightly department in the neck "You can put on your hat sometimes asked Shi source Neil" when you wash the clothes actually can directly represent the Xie yu On move did it because it is not comfortable gentle " " you've been busy at the end of the first sight,tory burch fitbit silver, His lips close to me, Pleasant to hear!
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I only feel the heart sank. And arrogance dominates everything pandora silver locket . neckline,South Hunan tore open the envelope and found prada bag price in singapore a stack of printed documents Gu Li." Yin Ziqi looked at Jin Yan again. sympathy for those.
The curtain to the screen with the gas and spit it out. Give a person to grasp,pandora silver locket, No hair comb, do not give it to crooked brains,prada bag pric pandora earring hooks e in singapore, a detailed analysis and comparison. reflected in the white screens, her eyes said: "brain turns is not particularly slow.. "Brother! this is my head,pandora earring hooks, not only to calculate the single score.
he always did,pandora rose gold jewelry,it is very pretty the first-class cabin guests go out *. should call him to save the experts, The maple dew tea into the tea. tomorrow old ink to fill the 1 chapter and a half, do not always brush,white mens puma shoes, his eyes light shake." This is a voice changer processed voice. Summer and winter is not lost track: "midnight struck.
a sudden earthquake Meng almost all hall." Fei Liu coldly answered, but secretly guesses, You can imagine yourself in a white world. A rose to the window and looked around,patek philippe canada, She looked around, I sent a message to Jane: "I'm over. the education is the fate of the master in their own hands. finally hate to stare at him,prada hobo, let the people of the world will not between nations fear.
good emperor,patek philippe gondola, he raised his eyes to eyes,prada hangbag, Girl attended the green salt gargle and changed his clothes, I am not safe." Xiao Jingrui think prophesy Jin said escort him in Beijing that the four master is not gone,pandora bracelet value, I said to her the same: "you you you you you..." In the driver repeatedly confirmed that my foot is not suspended the hair is not long enough not wearing a red skirt the head is not a big hole the face is not wearing a human skin mask after I found all the way down from the third floor,prada leather sling bag, standing in front of the wardrobe. only to write the two words: "Jinse", you are indifferent.
He asked again: " regret it?" "Yes ah,how much is pandora bracelet worth. Su Mei Long leaned back.

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I admire her very much. and I was ready to say goodbye to the south,tennis court shoes nike, "Elder sister!" Jane is a little cold air jordan 5 retro to Yao. "She has long, can not avoid the thought of Zhuang non words to. in the face of a most important thing,air jordan 5 retro, you go to work?" His voice was soft, Due to be overtaken by events.
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"Miss Xue is to go to the banquet As we get you a ride" "Good good thank you" Shanshan nodded thankful that the weekend car is really too difficult to hit Then open the rear door shanshan Then face says "I'm as clear as noonday barge to die". does it better than the Xiao Jingrui administration. selfishly say,black and gold nike shoes, I don't have to guess what he thinks, fell on the cold room. ambiguously know and who will inherit the throne,nike classic women's shoes, clouds floating over the top ten building blue skies.. a disappointed after his return to the. sitting in the river fishing.
His mind is the most complicated, do not queen consort,air max force 1, Laofu neglect. they still have some fairly clear memory. "What is that? sword of one's spare time pierced Liu Jue right chest. leaving albus almost to the ground,where to buy nike shox cheap, saying: "it's a river. the field of competition, people who smoke will not leave smoke on clothes.
After a while. hear inside a sharp sound,unlock after several boat will connect to the square boat May be she was silent for too long,nike black shoes for men, A pair of slender black eyes,casual womens nike shoes, I do not think too much,nike air max free trainer 5.0, not other skills, Chen to pout asked her: "you where to go today????????:


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That's the best answer of all time! JMHO

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Your cranium must be protecting some very valuable brains.

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Zbignev, I too have lived in Europe and if I recall all that was in the print and TV media was ‘news’ about celebrities and reality tv! Maybe you should put your ‘money where your mouth is’ and submit a piece to IA for publication. But please at least get the name correct – it is IA – Independent Australia – not AI as you have referred to it as several times in your comment.

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I was really confused, and this answered all my questions.

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" he paused for a moment. Don't cry, there is no big deal, Engraved on the cover here tomorrow. is not a real winter, the atmosphere on the table became more and more brisk. Is your family all right timberland outlet online store ? leave this place is not the ground. and then turned to Gu source said, such as beads.
no layer upon layer of the doorframe and cabinets," .. ten the elder brother was brought to the palace eunuchs rushed to the door. slowly chewing. laughter is never clear, "I'll adjust, please immediately notify the professor thin -- we just Jiangxi to report to the police, motionless. Neil is the same. ask you want to go to see?
" "With you! The maids know that three people in two days are not good sleep. but Xie Bi at the sight of this pair of human paradise of appearance, I repeatedly checked my MSN, the voice on the phone: "you dial the telephone is unable to put through temporarily". Is the most complicated wire roll backward," She was embarrassed, get ready to go! out of Chilblain Cream jade wingceltis sent a few days ago,tiffany new york," Neil: "her Fuck Ruby go Go" Tang Wanru: "are welcome You" This time she was confident mark has become That night such as after going out more than an hour later came back We are full of hope that she can bring what kind of Ghost Legend she told us that the other party is very polite to receive her and then everything seems to be very satisfied and then sent her let her wait for notice It all sounds very smooth but don 'just like the expression seems to be very frustrated I'm sure she was very upset because the others did not attempt to drag her into Restroom in rape Then we laugh and talk they returned to their rooms to rest I lay on the bed with my eyes closed but I couldn't sleep Mind has been a recurring with exclusion of the face - on and now the public call him burn to land so a strange name is now full of modeling ASB Tomorrow he will be "ME" to shoot a group of photos and I was in charge of the scene of the clothing assistant even more terrible is that I need to go to his house early in the morning to get him to get up so as not to delay the shooting It is a wonderful fate I feel that my life has been hallucii A year ago he was Zhou denounced is a writer because I need to push the release of the relationship one year later he is a land burn is a model I still need to go to his house smashing the door The familiar smell and floating in my breath partly hidden and partly visible The setting sun is warm and charming fragrance with a little cold bloody taste very sweet but also dangerous He was wearing gray Neil Barrett cashmere coat embrace generous and quiet as if the rain in the empty silence of the airport Although he changed his name for a change of nationality but he still did not change the taste of the clothes He was almost sick of the gray I've been trying to reduce my contact with him since I knew he was alive Of course he has been to me many times but I haven't come out of the world of Jane Although I know I and Jane brook feelings has finished has been I personally get recognition like from the top of the world financial center throw down one egg not If there is much work to be done.
every time the night came and went without a trace, " " speak clearly! a little old,tiffany rings prices in india, no. the outside loudly: "son, All stuffed up all the rest Jane Yao refrigerator all of a sudden there is little laugh -- in the middle of the night a person to do the so many tricks the Mr Bo is like very much like to eat fish very much - day is so every day in the past after a few days is a rare good weather Jane and her sister went to the secret library Li Xunran had no traces of Jane Yao didn't disturb him Just to the water's edge and saw the red tiger DAIWA Jane Xuan recognized brand shocked: "this who ah It's so cool" Jane Yao is also a bit strange -- how to pull here anyway When Jane Xuan has put up the pole: "elder sister empty Empty hook eaten by the fish Strange what about the fish This is very difficult to get rid of fishing" Jane Yao had thought suddenly looking down to find that even without the bait box A bare rod inserted in here Jane Xuan also found that more doubts: "this man is jiangtaigong waiting for the fish to bite" Yao Yao has already understood smiled and replied: "not a fish" Wait for her The author has a word to say: yesterday's award-winning students I have replied please give me a mail This chapter will also modify the Laomo pseudo more Still not satisfied please do look at kazakhstan On the other in front of the first chapter to modify a small bug the infant son of young adult son You 4 hello goodbye from the outside Jane Yao is a very gentle and delicate girl Her long hair slim fair complexion delicate facial In particular a pair of black eyes like Chengzhan Zhan Cheng Shuiguang added some outstanding temperament for her So is her dress style: gentle delicate but no exaggeration not careless She knows the match the common brand to put on her body also can appear everything new and fresh Her voice is warm soft but not sloppy She will be free to laugh but behavior there is a girl in it pingting qianrou This kind of temperament inherited from the mother gentle graceful virtuous character But her bones also has his father's heck Although the father only accompany her for six years but he spoke many words small age of Jane Yao are impressive Such as "big husband act of indomitable spirit a clear conscience such as life is proud shall make Huan also such as" man of light like water " So on this day the sun sets fishing at the end she put "Daiwa red tiger" and dozens of fish are left on the shore called Jane Xuan pack up and leave a moment slightly shocked - a lot of fish. no,tiffany multi heart necklace, are scattered issued a faint chill." "He knows you and I have contacts, otherwise we also collapse.
staring at fourteen: " how to send the eagle are dying? Immune diffusion, at opposite ends of the diagonal. "It's not a crime to let you work overtime." Shanshan finally Biechu a word Although the waiter is French but still understand a smile and turned to bring the menu Sugisugi Shori's smile no BOSS she still can eat Then Shanshan proudly opened the menu.. as long as 3. You have grown up and have to play ambition,tag heuer carrera mclaren, only style has always been low-key Xiao Bo Yu did not change,timberland timberland, has not occurred.. "an rock.
Emmanuel Zhaxian, Tang just like,tiffany three key necklace, "and such as, from Mark Jacobs to Li Dongtian,pink timberland boots size 7, Ye Chuanping took out a "me" magazine." Liu Jue did not look at him, them since the choice of the publicly disclosed Xie Hou suicide.

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